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Who are we?

Mental Strength Professionals and Energy Healing Professionals are counselors trained in the area of psychology, spirituality and mental health. Our primary motive is developing mental toughness in people with a focus on emotional health. Our team is led by counsellor and coach, Dr. Paras - a world-class ICF certified coach with numerous awards to his credit.

01. Conducted over 3300 hours of practice sessions

03. Building mental toughness in people since 2010.

03. Established in Pune,India, with clients worldwide

04. Offers best trained professionals in the industry

What we offer?

Depression & Anxiety

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Couple Counseling

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Personal Development

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Stress and Worry

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Midlife crises

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Self-confidence / Self-esteem

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Chakra Cleansing

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Reiki Certification

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Meet the Directors

In a time of rising stress levels, mental health is a much-needed priority for all. Building the mental muscle is as important as physical exercise - a fact much ignored by many. Kalpna Joshi and Dr. Paras are fueled with the passion of raising mental health awareness among all - professionals, homemakers, entrepreneurs, and children. The concept of Mental Strength Professionals is built on capitalizing the power of the mind and learning to control our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Mental Strength is one tool which gives you the path to achieve anything and everything you always wanted. Because, once you tune in to address your mind, your mind can no longer play tricks on you. Come, rebuild your life with our Mental Strength Professionals and Energy Healers.

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Why Mental Strength Professionals?


Professionals with a genuine
ability to care for all


We support your ideas while
offering you fresh viewpoints


We offer to listen before we
speak. Yes, we do not judge


We work with you to find
solutions to your pressing needs

Self-Care is not being selfish

Self-Care is necessary for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

If you are stressed, Worried, overworked, constantly tired, having relationship issues, faced with midlife crises…

You need to begin with self-care right now.

How good are you feeling today? How can you improve your life?

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