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What is Chakra Dhyana and Chakra Cleansing?

Chakra Dhyana is a powerful meditation and spiritual practice with its roots in Hinduism/Buddhism. The Chakra Dhyana includes the activation of 7 chakras of body (Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra) or the energy circles within our body. These 7 chakras of the body need to be activated and balanced for a harmonious life. Chakra Dhyana uses meditation and chanting for Chakra activation. The combination makes you feel happy, calm, with visible healing on current issues in life. There is a wonderful alignment that connects you with your flow.

Our Energy Healing Professionals are trained to examine your energy points (chakras in body). They identify the blockage in these chakras post an examination process. We offer suitable treatments for the opening of chakras as follows:

a) Wellness Package for Chakra Cleansing

A holistic approach to healing, Chakra Cleansing is recommended for people looking to unblock and balance their 7 chakras of the body. A combination of techniques is used to ensure a great spiritual and calming session for individuals. Activation of the 7 main Chakras is useful to open up the doors to your inner consciousness. This leads to an internal balance and a happy and peaceful life.

Duration: 60 minutes.
b) Chakra Treatment

This treatment is recommended by our Energy Healing Professional for individuals who face energy blockage in specific Chakras in body or all energy points. Negative feelings and misaligned chakras govern our psychological responses to situations and the results created. The treatment is designed to cleanse a particular Chakra to heal psychosomatic pains. You work with our experts to open or balance one or more Chakras as determined by the professional. Led by Kalpna Joshi, the Chakra healing treatment uses a combination of mantras, color therapy, and chanting processes to clear negative energy. Misaligned chakras are aligned to remove unhappy feelings, anxiety, depression, or pressure while building strength, confidence, and calmness. This Chakra meditation and healing treatment lead to an improved life with happiness and a greater sense of purpose. Contact our Chakra Cleansing and Healing Professional to know details.

Process of Chakra Cleansing

This process includes a combination of Chakra meditation and chanting along with the use of healing crystals. Our Energy Healing Professional may also recommend color therapy as well.

Benefits of Chakra Healing and Cleansing

Ask yourself - do you identify with some or all of the points above? Self-acceptance is the first step to have the awareness that you do have a problem. Next, you need to connect with a professional relationship counselor who acts as your guide and transforms your thought process.

  • Remove psychosomatic health problems
  • Heal your mind
  • Bring a positive energy within
  • Excellent focus on goals
  • Increase spiritual growth

You will remove your fears, worries, anxieties, tensions, and more with Chakra Healing and Cleansing.

Types of Packages Available

a) Chakra Cleansing:

An overall holistic process for the 7 chakras.

Duration: 1 hour

b) Chakra Treatment

Designed to activate specific Chakras of the body. This is dependent upon the Energy Healing Professional.

Duration: 1 hour or dependent upon the result of the consultation.

Our Strengths

We offer exclusive Chakra Cleansing treatments by a team of experts. We are led by the vision of Kalpna Joshi - numerologist and spiritual healing expert. Our professionals are trained and handpicked only after a careful selection procedure. Thus, we offer a safe, reliable and effective treatment for Chakra Healing.

Our Team

Our Energy Healing Professionals are the best in the industry. Apart from being experts, they are also guided by Kalpna Joshi, whose passion is to heal people through a holistic process. All professionals are trained to maintain complete confidentiality.

Who should opt for Chakra Cleansing?

Are you feeling stuck in life? Anyone and everyone can opt for Chakra Cleansing to experience the magic of this treatment. This spiritual process is a natural healing method for the 7 chakras of body that is completely safe and effective. If you are experiencing sadness, imbalance in thinking, indecisiveness, anger, depression, worry, lack of growth, or hopelessness, we are here for you.

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Consultation Charges

Join us to begin your holistic Chakra Healing journey.

Consultation charges available on request.

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