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Shalaka Tambe

Mental Strength Professional

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC-ICF) and NLP Practitioner, Shalaka is a vibrant addition to the team of Mental Strength Professionals. She infuses her passion into every session while empowering people with the mental strength and courage to deal with change in life. She works on helping people support themselves to bring a self-transformation in thinking levels. She highlights the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing and her goal as an MSP is to make people cherish the relationship with self and others. She acts as a facilitator to initiate this joy and emotional well-being. She assists to align the values, beliefs, and choices that lead to complete harmony. The focus of her work ranges from anxiety and stress management, depression and sadness, motherhood and postpartum depression, midlife crises, change management, and more.

Shalaka also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in HR Development and brings with her an experience of 12 years with 5 years in the area of mental health.

Pallavi Tamboli

Mental Strength Professional

Pallavi (PCC-ICF) has pursued an advanced course in Psychotherapy and Counseling and also holds specialized skills in NLP. Her personality vibes strongly as a Mental Strength Professional as her coaching and counseling style hovers primarily upon helping people through self-awareness. She is purpose-driven to make lives healthier, wealthier in thought and actions while improving relationships with self and others. Her extensive travel journeys connected her with people from different lifestyles and traditions which further increased her interest in exploring the human psyche. She strongly believes in closing the gap between where one is and where one wants to be. Pallavi specializes in resolving emotional issues related to worry, stress, sadness, relationships, and more.

Pallavi also holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management with specialization in Organizational Development. She brings forth a rich experience of 11 years in coaching and training for the corporate world with over 6 years in the area of building mental strength in people.


Mental Strength Professional

Savita, an Educationist, and a Career Advisor holds a keen interest in the human psyche. Her rich experience involves working with different age groups - primarily young students and parents. As a Mental Strength Professional, she is keen to work with young adults and women who face challenges in life. Savita highlights the increasing pressures of the modern-day life that affects mental health while bringing much psychological distress in people. Her goal thus remains to bring a state of equilibrium and self-realization in people to understand their roles and bring a sense of joy. Her experience lies in understanding the thinking of the human mind and how it impacts life. This makes her a popular Mental Strength Professional in our firm.

Savita holds a Masters degree in Clinical Embryology and brings an experience of over 6 years of building mental health in people.

Apoorv Vikas

Mental Strength Professional

Armed with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, and a specialization in Clinical Psychology, Apoorv Vikas views himself as an avid learner of life. As a Mental Strength Professional, he considers this to be a pivotal role to work on the growth of people. Communication to him is of utmost importance and the lack of it often leads to many underlying issues in life. He thrives on resolving challenges related to life goals, professional goals, relationship issues, personal growth, and building mental strength. For Apoorv, being an MSP offers him a platform for growth - one where challenges are present with opportunities to develop our responses as well. His quest to learn more from life while working with people to empower themselves makes him a sought-after Mental Strength Professional.

Apoorv also holds a certification in hypnotherapy with niche skills in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and deep knowledge of Transactional Analysis. He brings a rich experience of over 9 years with 4 years in the area of mental health

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