10 Steps for Coping with Depression

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10 Steps for Coping with Depression

Depression can kill, but the right strategies can make your life wonderful. It�s all about the flight or fight!

10 Steps for Coping with Depression

Susanne kept tapping her feet and looking at the clock ticking now and then. Well, she is waiting for her turn for the client's feedback. Susanne is a very dedicated and smart working girl, yet keeps pondering over what all went wrong in past projects, even though she has gathered tremendous appreciation for her work. She feels she is burdened with a bundle of nerves.

Josh wasn't able to sleep for months now and eating is on a toss. He had a breakup a few months back and since then his life has gone topsy turvy. The entire world looks upside down. He has lost interest in work and somehow manages to log in every day receiving ample escalation and taunts from his boss.

He lacks interest in anything he was doing in life wherein his ex-girlfriend has moved on with her life. Josh hasn't been able to take the rejection and trauma of breakup and has been a worrywart since then.

Meesha loves art and entertainment and doesn't run behind money. All this while she was working in a corporation for a decent salary, but had no peace of mind. Everyday work-related stress has killed her from inside. She wants to pursue her dream of acting knowing there is enough struggle there.

What's more, she has no one to support her in life apart from her parents. However, she wants to sail through it alone and doesn't want to put her parents into the pain of seeing her go through this. She is extremely anxious about whether to take this major step in life or stick back to the corporate job and lead a "secure" life, yet repent at the end of life.

Meesha is turned into a nervous wreck right now.

So, what do you think Meesha has finally done? Was Josh able to have a bright and wonderful life ahead? Do you feel Susanne gained the project from incessant worrying?

Depression is possibly one of the most detrimental states of mind a person can go through. It feels like an end of the world with no hope for the future. An unknown fear and pain lurk inside and no solution seems feasible. It feels so negative all around, right? You tend to withdraw from everyone and all social activities. Depression drains your hope, energy, and drive to do anything in life. But, trust us you are not alone in this journey! Very soon, you can be out of depression with just a bit of mental health management. Come, let's find out symptoms of depression and steps for coping with depression.

What is the best way to end depression?

The first step is possibly the hardest while dealing with depression. But, try engaging more with like-minded people. Talk to a professional counselor or therapist to find the right ways to come out of it. Get involved in some form of physical activity to release some happy hormones into your body. This will help you feel upbeat. Try dancing, playing, swimming, walking, running, cardio, or any other activity that suits your body and energy level.

Why don't you meet an old friend or catch up over a long call? Treat yourself to a wonderful dinner and enjoy yourself with cozy lights and some upbeat music for coping with depression. While you do that, why not call over a couple of close friends of yours? Go for a long drive if that's possible or enjoy a trip soon with your buddies.

Yes, take these small steps one at a time and see the positive change you can have. You might feel that depression is killing and you feel so bogged down every time. Initially, it will be difficult and thus go slow. Take one positive step and very soon you will be able to lift the burden of fog on your mind. Don't believe us? Well, read the below steps and you will find yourself feeling a lot livelier, healthier, happier, and hopeful.

What is the quickest treatment for depression?

Work with a Coach/Counselor/Therapist

Psychotherapy/Counseling/Coaching will help you minimize your stress, anxiety, and worries. Depression is accentuated with negative thoughts, overthinking, and fear of the unknown. Stress management is very important for coping with depression and a trained Mental Health Professional can do that. Talk your heart out with your therapist and with the right guidance you can swap your negative emotions into positive ones.

Sleep well

Sleeping might be hard when you have all the negative feelings inside, but get plenty of rest. Your mind and body both need to relax. Try sleeping for 7-8 hours and on a regular schedule, Tune into some mental relaxation music to get into a deep sleep.


Physical activity can alleviate stress by releasing the endorphins in your body. These hormones reduce your perception towards pain by interacting with brain receptors. The psychological benefits of exercise are immense when it comes to coping with depression. Following a regular regimen will help you feel better both physically and emotionally.

You can even partner with an exercise mate and challenge each other. It will keep you engaged and motivated at the same time. You may even walk your dog regularly. Pets are wonderful companions if you are solo and depressed.

Get going

Mindfulness can have no substitute. When you feel it to be the end of the world, practice meditation. You will feel the right vibes and sensations. Try Mindfulness Practitioner web application for a few days and then thank us later. You can also try Mindfulness Living Assessment to know more about yourself.

Mood uplifting food

Food has a great connection to mood. Studies suggest that omega 3 fatty acids help boost mood. So, include fish like salmon, sardine, anchovies, or mackerel in your diet. Try out cold water fish or tuna for that matter. This might be a small change to your platter, but this will make a long-term impact on your depression level.

Cut down on carbs and sugar which lead to energy loss pretty quickly. Also, do not ever skip meals. It will make you feel irritated and thus accelerate anxiety.

Take enough vitamin B since deficiency of it can trigger depression. Have eggs, lentils, chicken, beans, spinach, beetroot, broccoli in your diet to keep Vitamin B-12 and folic acid in range.

Stay busy

Staying busy is the right mantra to keep your brain involved in some productive things. This way, your brain will stop thinking unnecessarily about events that are causing a disturbance in your mind. Trust that half of the things you are even worried about for the future will not even materialize.

Depression might have kicked in when you started thinking needlessly about certain situations in the future. You will be able to cope with situations in life in an amazing way that will even surprise you.

Challenge yourself

That's right, just face it. Don't escape. Universe has your back and thus go ahead and face the fear that has been bothering you. This very anxiety of not being able to tackle a situation might be eating you up inside.

Do you feel weak and powerless? Do you feel your situation is hopeless? Face the situation and you will be able to face it with courage. Challenge yourself on this reality because when you examine it, you will be surprised to see that these don't even hold up. Depression just puts a negative twist on everything. Be brave and see your strength in tackling the situation you have been dreading all this while.

Shun toxicity

Be it toxic people or toxic habits. Say no to these. Drinking alcohol or mingling with people who let you down, even more, can harm you in ways you can't even imagine. These won't solve your problems and thus bid them goodbye.

Get some sun

Sunlight boosts your serotonin level, an important hormone for a feel-good factor. Sneak out for at least 15 minutes during the day and expose yourself under the sun. Be it on the ground or terrace, a dosage of sunlight will work wonders.

Have more natural light coming into your room and try having your cup of coffee in a garden.

Take medical help

If you feel disoriented throughout the day because of your unmanageable stress level, it is always advisable to seek medical help. Visit a medical practitioner and take guidance for it. You might be suggested medicines for your condition temporarily.

What are the causes of depression?

Depression is a form of mood disorder where you feel sad, lost, and anxious about almost everything. You will not even know what has caused depression until you talk to a professional mental health counsellor.


Some people have a higher risk of depression owing to their personality traits. Ones who have low self-esteem, stay unoccupied, worry a lot, overthink, are self-critical, sensitive to criticism, are negative, or can't take rejection are the ones who are more prone to depression.

Too much drug use

Alcohol and drugs can be major causes of depression. These are highly toxic for the brain, mind, and body and can put you in danger of depression.

Genetics or family history

Depression often runs in families where some people are at heightened risk because of genetic factors. Parent or close kin can pass on their depression in your genes.

Medical condition

Worry and concern about coping with a serious medical issue can lead to depression. Especially, if you are perennially ill and unable to cope up with a long-term medical issue, then you might fall prey to depression.

Life events

Extreme financial worries, work-related stress, career-related concerns, relationship trauma, or long-term isolation can lead to depression. These events in life trigger stress and depression.

Hormonal impact

If you are feeling blue and don't seem to have the energy to pull yourself off the couch, you may be suffering from depression. The cause might be hormonal balance. Hormones are critical chemical messengers which influence mental wellbeing. When your hormonal levels are out of thump, you may experience sharp mood swings and be less energetic. You can feel

  • Concentration difficulties
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Panic attacks
  • Mood swings
  • Sadness
  • Anxiety
  • Negative thoughts
  • Brain fog

Some of the common hormonal disorders which can activate depression are related to:

Estrogen: Unstable level of estrogen affects neurotransmitter level and leads to depression. It affects serotonin, GABA, dopamine – all of which play a role in mood regulation.

Thyroid: Changes in thyroid hormonal level too can alter the levels of neurotransmitters. Dysfunction in the thyroid gland can directly be linked to depression.

Progesterone: This specific hormone, when low in supply to the body, leads to brain fog, anxiety, irritability, and a sleepless night. All of such affect depression.

How do I begin to Cope?

Stress has probably got attached to the majority in the modern-day world. It is kind of intrinsically related to our minds, making us overwhelmed and anxious. Be it a traumatic event or any serious condition in life, the lingering effects which are stress. What are the ways of coping with depression?

Visit counsellor

Nothing can be better than this for coping with depression. Instead of gulping down pills to control your hormone levels, talk to a therapist. Discuss your worries and trust me, therapists can understand more than you even speak.

Take care of yourself

Cut yourself some slack when you are too worried about work, finance, or career. If you are struggling a lot to reach your goals, give yourself a break.

Stay away from social media for a while

Oftentimes, social media tends to create a negative impact on your mind. You might feel FOMO or peer pressure on social media platforms where your contacts might be posting a lot of updates about their accomplishments in life. If that's bothering you, stay away from this addiction.


Try to engage in some activities which can let you unwind your soul. The soul needs to be relaxed from stress. Recline for a while and soothe your inner mind.

Balance work and life

Time to rebalance your work and home. All work and no play make you what you are now. Re-adjust and re-start to bring in the much-needed balance in your life.

Stress reduction yoga

Mindfulness and yoga practice can balance your fight or flight hormones. You can opt for a stress-buster meditation or yoga course.

Connect with community

There are a lot of communities out there that are ready to extend their hands to help you in your emotional crisis. Depend on them. They are extremely good listeners and will come up with something fruitful to help you.

No stimulants

Nicotine and caffeine can trigger stress in the long term. Momentarily these may relieve stress but can have bad impacts in the long run. Avoid carbonated drinks and sweetened beverages to reduce stress levels.

What are the types of Coping Strategists?

Well, there are commendable ways through which you can come out of your current situation of depression. Let's check out some of the best types of coping strategies.

Learn to say No

Wherever a circumstance adversely affects your mental well-being, learn to set boundaries. Set limits in your professional and personal life.


If your stress issue is nagging and pulls you down now and then, then getting yourself counselled is very important. Meet a therapist, book a few sessions and talk about your problems. You can also go for group coaching classes or joint therapy sessions.

Light therapy

Photometry or light therapy acts wonder when it comes to coping up with stress or depression. If you are exposed to doses of light, it can help you regulate your mood and also improve depression symptoms. If you have a depressive disorder that is primarily seasonal i.e., your depression is in a seasonal pattern, light therapy can aid you a lot in curbing depression.

Other therapies

You can get in touch with a health care provider and get guided meditation or acupuncture. Some guided ayurvedic spa treatments can also help you feel relieved from depression. Herbal supplements like fish oil facilitate in easing stress syndrome.


Yes, fragrance can heal you from inside. You can try it at home or in a session with a practitioner. Aromatherapy helps in soothing your mind and brain. You feel relaxed by inhaling the sweet aroma from diffuser or incense sticks.

Essential oils

Essential oils are a common remedy for mind-related problems. People suffering from depression can find relief from essential oils since these directly impact the hormones released from the brain.

Rose oil or chamomile oil has a calming effect on your mind.

Bergamot is a citrus-based essential oil that can lower anxiety levels in patients.

Strong ginger oil can calm down your nerves by releasing serotonin. This might reduce the release of the stress-inducing hormone.

Talk to us at Mental Health Professional

When depression or stress has kicked in and you are already feeling sad and depressed, you might feel like popping some antidepressants. You bet that won't get your mind right. Each of your depression and stress levels is different. Each one of you is unique and so are your concerns and worries. Be it anxiety, intense worry, stress, or depression, these highly affect your day-to-day life.

Whatever the extent of the problem is, mental health coaches and professionals are the best ones to guide you comprehensively with robust solutions for coping with depression. Pills can treat temporarily, but can't cure it. Mental wellbeing guidance is necessary to uproot the problem.

We at, Mental Health Professionals, are a team of mental strength professionals who understand your depression and stress issues. Your emptiness inside with prolonged sad feelings can make you lose interest in life and we understand that. We have helped a multitude of clients like you till now to help them come out of this mental disorder with ease.

Based in Pune, we are highly trained in coaching, counselling, mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy, and more. Our trained counsellors will help you change your perception of life, the way you think, behave or react to a situation in life. We will let you monitor your reactions towards yourself and others. As a Mental Health Professional, Dr. Paras leads an experienced and adept team who can train you in reframing your thought process and wind it away from negative thoughts.

We try to direct you towards thinking positively in life because no matter what, remember every cloud has a silver lining. We make you look behind those foggy clouds at the silver line. We work with you in improving the way you are inclined towards dealing with a situation and will leave you with an everlasting positive mindset.

Our counsellors are compassionate enough and treat you with care. We will benefit you with our tried and tested relaxation procedures and some exercises. Once you walk out of our sessions, you will realize your attitude towards life has changed. The fears and self-doubt are all gone. You will find an entirely new purpose in life.

Along with treating depression, we also do counselling for pre-marriage, relationships, career, worry, stress, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Our mental health counsellors can also deal with OCDs and addiction.

Book an appointment with us for online counselling. Owing to the pandemic, we are adhering to 100% online sessions. For more information about Mental Health Professionals, get in touch with us or please write to us at [email protected].

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