Why you need to focus on a Mindful Pregnancy

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Why you need to focus on a Mindful Pregnancy

MSP Shalaka Tambe outlines all about mindfulness pregnancy and how it can help you manage emotions for a happier life

Why you need to focus on a Mindful Pregnancy

What is mindful pregnancy? Increasing awareness around mental and emotional health is extremely important for women. Mental and Emotional health topics like stress, anxiety, fear, and depression during pregnancy need to be openly discussed, and properly managed. A mindful pregnancy allows a woman to be aware of the emotions which might otherwise be ignored. Ignoring pregnancy issues not only affect the health of would-be mothers, but also impacts the baby’s health. Research shows that stress during pregnancy is linked to preterm birth, low birth weight of baby and complications during birth. 

As it is important to focus on physical health during pregnancy, it is very crucial that women learn to pay equal attention to their emotional and mental wellbeing. Mindfulness during pregnancy works towards improved emotion management among new moms.

Most of the fear, anxiety, and stress during pregnancy is around the changes a woman constantly goes through on a weekly basis. A woman may also be thinking about future possible scenarios, which are usually driven by unknown factors, and fear. So the real need is to learn to be present in the Now and navigate through the nine months by taking each day on its own and managing your emotions well. This is the base of mindful pregnancy! Though it seems easier said than done, it is quite possible to learn to keep the emotional balance during pregnancy.

Being mindful is being in the present and acknowledging what’s happening right now without judgment 

One of the ways to approach emotional balance is through Mindfulness. Practicing Mindfulness during pregnancy has shown great results in improving overall well-being during pregnancy. Mindfulness helps in reducing stress, lowers the risk and symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improves the overall wellbeing of would-be mothers.
What is Mindfulness? Is a Mindful Pregnancy Possible?

Mindfulness is being consciously aware of your feelings, thoughts, and body sensations in the moment and being more accepting towards them. Mindfulness is not about getting rid of negative thoughts or difficult feelings. It’s also not just about meditation. Being mindful is being in the present and acknowledging what’s happening right now without judgment.
Being self-Judgmental, self-critical, and overthinking often adds to the already present worries and anxieties during pregnancy. Mindfulness can help avoid falling into the trap of these dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours and help build more healthy habits and ways to cope with the emotional ups and downs during pregnancy.

A mindful approach will help you reduce your pregnancy-related anxiety and worry

Benefits of a Mindful Pregnancy

  • Reduce Anxiety & Worry: Anxiety and worry can affect your ability to make healthy choices for yourself and baby. A mindful approach will help you reduce your pregnancy-related anxiety and worry. Mindfulness helps you feel calmer and helps you connect better with your baby and be fully present in the moment.

  • Reduced Risk of Depression: Stress and Anxiety during pregnancy can increase the risk of depression during pregnancy and postpartum depression. Practicing mindfulness reduces stress and allows you to be more accepting of your emotions and helps manage your emotions better. This helps in reducing the risk of depression.

  • Strengthens Bonding with the Baby: By practicing mindfulness, you create more space for positive thoughts and build a conducive emotional environment which helps in strengthening the attachment you experience with the baby.

A mindful pregnancy will raise your awareness levels to keep disturbing emotions at bay. You will be more accepting towards self without fear of the new phase in life. To experience emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and to navigate the journey with a sense of balance and calm, a balanced approach towards mindfulness and pregnancy is needed. However, not everyone may find the journey towards a mindful pregnancy an easy one. Mindfulness requires deeper knowledge and guidance. You can always work with a professional to learn new thought patterns related to mindful pregnancy. You can book an appointment with us to begin your online sessions. We are Mental Strength Professionals who empower you to build your mental strength as we offer pregnancy mindfulness training. We offer step-by-step guidance. Call us or book an appointment online.

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