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14 Jan 2021

Anyone can cry...

Any emotional behavior is labeled as being �girly�..

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12 Jan 2021

What is your identity?

Who are you? Are you the person who others think y..

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07 Jan 2021

Standing up for yourself...

When people judge others, a lot can go wrong...

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02 Oct 2020

Moving away from shame...

Everyone has had their moments of shame...

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25 Sep 2020

How much time do you spend in fear?

Everyone has fear deep inside...

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18 Sep 2020

Learning to move ahead from shame

As a child grows up, he or she may be exposed to n..

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14 Sep 2020

The need to address guilt...

We often succumb to temptations...

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featued fat.jpg
23 Aug 2020

The need for self-love

A person grows up hearing many things about themse..

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21 Aug 2020

No more a victim of office politics

You may have found a dream job but doing a job is ..

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20 Aug 2020

What happens when anxiety follows you around

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a common emotional res..

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26 Jun 2020

Why self-love is the first step towards relationships

It�s easy to fall in love. Staying in love require..

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24 Jun 2020

The hidden story of depression

Depression often goes unnoticed. A person happier ..

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22 Jun 2020

Conflict management without the stress

Workplace conflicts are often an issue for many pr..

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09 Sep 2020

When being obsessive takes over...

Sometimes, you do things, and then repeat them aga..

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04 Sep 2020

How to manage stress and worry...

Stress and worry keep your mind running fast from ..

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31 Aug 2020

Choosing happiness over hurt...

You step into a marriage with all your hopes held ..

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28 Aug 2020

The need to address sexual incompatibilities

Every person has different personality traits...

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Finding the key to stronger relationships.jpg
18 Aug 2020

Finding the key to stronger relationships

One of the prime reasons why many relationships do..

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Sleep Disorder.jpg
16 Aug 2020

Sleep Disorder

Do you feel excessively sleepy all the time?..

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Compulsive Behaviour.jpg
14 Aug 2020

Compulsive Sexual Disorder

This is often not spoken about. A person�s sexual ..

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Teach Your Child.jpg
12 Aug 2020

Parenting Tips to Prevent Sexual Abuse

The need for awareness in children around sexual a..

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Interminnent Explosive Disorder.jpg
10 Aug 2020

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Road rage, physical abuse and more are signs of In..

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08 Aug 2020

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is about the traumas a person experiences and..

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06 Aug 2020

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The OCD is about a display of scrutinizing things ..

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Personality Development.jpg
04 Aug 2020

Personality Development

Personality development begins in many areas of li..

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Chakra Cleansing.jpg
02 Aug 2020

Chakra Cleansing

Most often, we feel stuck in life despite trying o..

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Mental Strength.jpg
31 Jul 2020

Mental Strength Professional

How often have you asked yourself about your overa..

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Self confidence.jpg
29 Jul 2020


Self-confidence is about the belief in self and ab..

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27 Jul 2020


Depression is that constant low feeling that can l..

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25 Jul 2020


Have you been feeling anxious all the time?..

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Midlife crisis.jpg
23 Jul 2020

Midlife Crises

Men and women may struggle to accept the passing o..

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21 Jul 2020

Couple Therapy

So you think relationships are tough? Or, real rel..

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Imposter Syndrome.jpg
19 Jul 2020

Imposter Syndrome

Are all high achievers happy? Well, the Imposter S..

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Impulse Controls.jpg
17 Jul 2020

Impulse Control Disorder

A person may often feel tremendous emotional outbu..

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Excessive Eating.jpg
15 Jul 2020

Eating Disorder

A bit of this and more of that. Excessive eating h..

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Bipolar Disorder.jpg
13 Jul 2020

Bipolar Disorder

This is one of the lesser known types of mental he..

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Psychotic Disorder.jpg
11 Jul 2020

Psychotic Disorder

A person who has a disturbed sense of reality is k..

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Personality Disorder.jpg
09 Jul 2020

Personality Disorder

A personality is often formed in one�s childhood, ..

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07 Jul 2020

When stress goes beyond control...

Stress management is an essential skill in today's..

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Relationship issue.jpg
05 Jul 2020

Sometimes, you can mend what�s broken

Relationships aren�t always about sunshine...

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03 Jul 2020

Parenting needs to begin with you...

Parents are often overwhelmed while raising childr..

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difficult boss.jpg
01 Jul 2020

Work conflicts? Why quitting is not an option...

A professional faces many conflicts as they go up ..

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Depression ss.jpg
30 Jun 2020

When depression sneaks in...

Depression often creeps into one�s life without a ..

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Arrange Marriage.jpg
28 Jun 2020

When confusion strikes...

We may often be posed with many questions in life ..

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